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I got my PADI Open Water certificate in Chania with Blue Adventures Diving. This is not the place to go if you are looking for interesting underwater wildlife as far as I've seen. The Greecs have eaten all the fish there already. But cave and cavern diving there can be nice as a novice cave/cavern diver like myself. I did my PADI Open Water there together with my oldest son, and the diving was really boring except for the course itself, but I returned there in the summer of 2007 together with my wife and youngest son and we got a few dives there. Both my son and myself had PADI Advanced OW certificate at the time so we were allowed to do some easy cave and cavern dives. The problem with the Chania area is the weather, and maybe that goes for all of the northern coast. You never know when the boats are allowed out and once we where called back by harbour police during our first dive one day. I also have to admit that I've only been diving in the Chania area. The south coast might be different. My personal opinion is that Crete, like Sardinia, is more for special interest diving like cave and cavern diving.
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